Propose of ICO

  • Art has a natural power of imagination to connect people and bring happiness and peace to the world. Our online auction system which is established on blockchain technology provides a platform for artists, art ensutheiasts, gallery owners, museum staff, auction staff, students in art universities and art critics to communicate openly and friendly. It also provides a second chance for talented artists who haven't gotten appraisal by the world yet, to show their elegant art senses and attract investors.

Whitestone gallery story

Hong Kong

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Blockchain-based Art Platform

  • The funds raised through this sale will go towards a new kind of the art trading platform that offers benefits for all, including artists, art lovers, galleries, museums, appraisers, or even who are new to art.
  • The platform allows all parties to interact with each other, trade and settle for cryptocurrencies, while the blockchain keeps a public record for everybody to see and explore.
  • Leveraging the trust that is inherent to this untamperable public record, we can remove a lot of fees and middlemen that are required to complete high-value transactions using old-fashioned systems.
  • Our platform also allows the linking of biometric data with the blockchain and solve the question of genuineness.

Token Information

Token Price 1 WHS = 0.0006 BTC (Minimum purchase with BTC is 4 tokens.)
1 WHS = 0.01 ETH
Targeted Fund Targeted Fund: HK$350 million / 5 billion JPY
WHS token for sale: 5 million tokens
WHS token to be issued: 10 million tokens


Phase 1
Bonus 30%
January 25 2018, 14:00 (JST) - February 08 2018, 13:59 (JST)
Phase 2
Bonus 15%
February 8 2018, 14:00 (JST) - February 28 2018, 13:59 (JST)
Phase 3
Bonus 5%
February 28 2018, 14:00 (JST) - March 14 2018, 13:59 (JST)
Phase 4
No bonus
March 14 2018, 14:00 (JST) - April 3 2018, 14:00 (JST)
※Token sale will be stopped once the tokens are sold out.


Benefit 1 - Karuizawa New Art Museum entry ticket

  • 1 ticket per 10 tokens

Benefit 2 - Token holder benefit at Whitestone gallery

  • 100 tokens or more - 10% discount
  • 200 tokens or more - 15% discount
  • 500 tokens or more - 20% discount
  • ※ Including artworks purchased from this crowdsale.
    ※ Some artworks are not included in the award list.

Benefit 3 - Digital artwork as a special gift

  • All token holders who own 10 tokens or more will be able to access to the master of digital artworks by a famous artist Naoko Tosa.


Crowd funding

Q4 2017 - ICO tokens will be released for collecting funds from investors in this phase. During the token sale period, investors are able to collect the tokens to support our future development and to gain better privileges on our Whitestone Foundation. The tokens are also tradable under our partner exchanges.


Q2 2018 - The development of our blockchain solution for an art auction will be started in the early of 2018. Gathering the significant amount of experts in this area to build up the best innovation on this art-tech, including the research works to support this project will, also be conducted prior to this phase.
Q1 2019 - Within one year, we will finish the development of this project as then we will be able to invite participation from investors for joining this experience before the others. This event will be launched for a closed group at the Whitestone Ginza New Gallery.
Q2 2019 - In this phase, the deployment for our blockchain based auction system will be ready on all of our Whitestone galleries around the World. Also, all the art objects will be registered into our own blockchain database and will be ready for the auction by that time.

Product launch

Q3 2019 - When the technology meets art, our blockchain based art auction will go live. Our art market will be reachable on all around the World and increase the popularity for the master pieces of art. The way of art auction will be done differently from then.

Use of Fund

use of fund



Yukio Shiraishi

CEO Whitestone Hong Kong


Koei Shiraishi

COO Whitestone Gallery Representative


Kazuo Ohi

Whitestone Gallery ICO Operation Chief

Other member

  • Yukiko Mishima (CFO Whitestone Gallery)
  • Hideyuki Nakajima (Whitestone Gallery CEO)
  • Masaru Nose (Whitestone Gallery CEO)
  • Miho Sakamoto (Karuizawa New Art Museum Deputy Librarian)
  • XIE HENG (New Art Coin ICO Project Manager)
  • Stefan Buhrmester (Application Developer)


  • Junji Ito (Art Critic, Tokyo Art University Public Collaboration Center Professor)
  • Naoko Tosa (Media Artist, Researcher, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University)
  • Akimitsu Takai (Lawyer, Legal Advisor)

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